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Low Level Arial Mast Photography is a system where a purpose built telescopic mast is used to elevate a camera to heights of up to 50 feet to capture a unique and eye catching image which cannot be taken at ground level.

The system is transported to site by van but it is portable and can be erected in places where a vehicle could not gain access. It is also more controllable, less expensive, and far more environmentally friendly than helicopter and light aircraft photography

The camera is attached to a remotely controlled pan and tilt head which allows the operator on the ground to adjust the image via a laptop. These images can be processed on site and burned to a C.D. there and then although the best quality pictures are edited back at base and then sent to the client.

What follows is a list of tried and tested applications for Low Level Aerial  Mast Photography.
It is far from comprehensive though and we are always open to new suggestions and challenges.

Property Marketing for Residential and Commercial Estate Agents.
Property Surveying and Development. 

Roof and Building Inspection of Inaccessible and Hazardous Areas for Insurance Claims and Repair Work.
Architects and Landscape Designers.
Archeological Sites.
Historic Buildings Stately Homes and Monuments.
Public Events  ( Processions, Sports, Concerts, Agricultural Shows )
Vehicle Dealerships.
Road Transport Surveys for  Safety and Development
Retail Parks and Hotel Chains.
Tourist Board.
Local Authority Planning Departments
Railways and Waterways.
Weddings and Group Photography.
Private Commissions e.g.  Aerial and Panoramic Photographs of Houses and Gardens.
Press and Media Work.
The List Goes  On-----------

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